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FastTest offers Canada’s fastest COVID-19 testing service – period. Our mission is to make RT-PCR/NAAT and Antigen testing accessible and affordable for everyone in BC. This is what drives us to work tirelessly to meet our deadlines and deliver your results with time to spare.

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Our Lab & History

Our labs specializes in DNA sequencing that helps in understanding the impact of genetics on neurological diseases. Through the genetic testing we conduct, they accelerate the diagnosis and push to improve the treatment for many neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and seizures. The core of their mission has always been to serve children around the world afflicted by these disorders. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they saw the capabilities of our lab to help many more, right here in BC. 

FastTest partnered with our labs to provide the same excellence to COVID testing that they have always brought to genetic research. Our agile nature and ability to meet our commitments faster than our competition is owing to the deep bond we have with FastTest. Together, we aim to provide BC’s population quality private diagnostics, faster and at a more affordable price point than anyone else. 

We are a Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) accredited testing facility. By extension, this accreditation makes our collection centers and labs ISO 15189 certified. When you test with FastTest, rest assured you are in safe hands.  

Industry Backed

FastTest is supported by Neurocode Labs, an industry leader in genetic sequencing and medical testing.

Travel Ready

We are constantly updating our tests and procedures to match international travel restrictions so that you can be travel ready in as little as 12 hours with an RT-PCR test and 15 minutes with rapid antigen testing.

DAP Certified

Our lab is Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) certified, which is a sub-set of ISO 15189 standards & specifications.

Rapid Testing

All RT-PCR testing results will be available within 12-24 hours depending on your chosen testing package. Rapid antigen test results will be available in as little as 15 minutes.

Results Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will receive your results within 12-24 hours. Plus, if your travel dates change, we are happy to reschedule your test at no additional charge.

BCCDC Integrated

We are in integrated partner with the BCCDC, ensuring that our tests and reporting structures meet or exceed their rigorous regulations.

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